Denis Mezheritskiy

An entrepreneur, Denis is originally from Kiev, Ukraine. He earned his Bachelor Degree of Science in Finance from Suffolk University in Boston. In 2005, He gathered several investors and purchased the Produce Company of New England, Inc. where he served as the company President. He quickly expanded the company within 5 years, supplying state contracts, employing over 20 employees, and overseeing every aspect of running a business. In 2009 Denis purchased P.A. Milan, a distribution company out of Wilmington, MA, which he merged with the Produce Company of New England, Inc. In 2014, He sold his share of the produce company to his business partner to focus on expanding Moving Forward Physical Therapy, a Physical Therapy Clinic that he opened with his wife in 2010. His wife, Jane is a Physical Therapist and together they have spread their practice to two locations, in Bedford MA and Framingham MA. Their practice is actively involved in local community and Denis is a member of the New England Physical Therapy Network.