Lara Van Pletzen

Lara Van Pletzen represents ROI in the broader metro Atlanta area, having been trained and mentored by the superbly experienced and talented team in Boston, MA.
Lara is re-entering the workforce after a period of staying home to raise Pieter and Simone while her husband JJ travelled extensively the past few years.
Lara received her MBA from the University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa, which has been accredited by the University of Toronto, Canada. Lara also holds a degree in both psychology and education.
In South Africa Lara worked for leading banking and insurance companies in the investment and private-client banking sector as a financial advisor and analyst. Some of her services included writing weekly market reports for distribution to a wide network of financial advisors and analyzing mutual funds.
Lara’s greatest satisfaction comes from finding the “right fit” by matching superior product knowledge and client service to meet the exact needs of her unique client. She looks forward to helping her client transition by passing on their business legacy, where she knows her clients are emotionally invested and finding the right buyer.
Lara has a special interest in providing a global service wherever the opportunity exists and helping international clients navigate their immigration journey. Lara was born in Zimbabwe, raised in South Africa and has previously lived and/or worked in Burlington, Canada; Adelaide, Australia; Appleton, Wisconsin, where she is still an avid Packers fan, sorry Falcons but she does support the Braves (and the Falcons when they not playing the Packers).
Lara also likes watching rugby and cricket and has a personal interest in creative writing and travel.