Consulting Services

ROI offers a variety of consulting services designed to meet the needs of a business owner.

In Family, Key Employee or Known Acquirer Business Transition?

You know who you want to be your successor and do not need to seek an acquirer but how do you make it happen? At ROI we have helped many business owners guide the transition of their business on to a predetermined party or team. ROI can assist in valuation, terms, deal structure and negotiations. From the basic step of qualifying the buyer’s financial ability to knowing which lenders will have a positive appetite for financing the purchase, we do it all and will keep the process moving forward. We have creative ideas that can make your dream a reality even if at first glance there does not seem to be a way to make it happen. Let us help you evaluate your options before you make the tough decisions. Our initial consultation is always at no cost and without obligation.

Click here to read a short letter from a business owner who ROI helped transition his business to a key employee (and got full value for it!) when others thought it could not be done in a financially viable way.

How do I make my business worth what I need to be able to sell and retire?

Let our former business owners, valuation experts and MBAs and advisors put you on the path to understanding what may need to be improved within your business to obtain the exit plan you desire. A plan implemented today can have a strong effect in as little as two years depending upon your goals. It is never too late, but it is also never too early to start to work to improve the value of your business. We have a time tested strategy that has helped many business owners reach their exit goals over the years. Many business owners work with a financial planner to maximize their retirement savings but fail to maximize the value of their biggest investment and retirement asset, their business. In our first meeting we will give you an honest analysis of how we might help you reach your goals without cost or obligation.

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