Considering Transitioning Your Dental Practice?

ROI has trained Dental Practice Specialists to assist you at every step of the way.

Are you 1 to 5 years from wanting to exit your dental practice?  Do you wish to take on a partner or convert an associate to a partner? An ROI Dental Practice Transition Specialist can help.

The First Step; A Dental Practice Valuation. Although rules of thumb such as 50-70% of revenues do have some validity, that is a wide range and you do not want to sell yourself short. A valuation can give you a snap shot of where the value is today and what the drivers are to increase that value by your exit date. A dental practice valuation can also be used to bring in a partner, do estate planning, establish gifting or sell your practice to a dentist outside your practice.  Get the facts and understand how you compare to similar sized dental practices in terms of profitability and value.

Should I Sell My Dental Practice to an Associate? This is often the best and easiest choice for many reasons. ROI can value the practice, arrange for financing and help with any negotiations all for a flat fee that is much less than a broker’s commission. You could sell a percentage of your dental practice today and the balance in several years when you are ready. In the meantime the money you receive today for part of your practice can be put to work now at financing your retirement.

Selling outside the Dental Practice?  ROI can market your practice to obtain full value. You can continue to focus on running your practice while we do the work of interviewing and qualifying perspective buyers. The period in which you stay on to assist in the transition will vary but part time through one hygiene cycle is a minimum recommendation. Contact us for confidential information on the process of selling your dental practice. There is never a charge for meeting with us and in most cases we can provide a range of value at the first meeting.

ROI Corporation assists with the transition and valuing of Dental Practices throughout New England. Whether you are selling a dental practice to an identified buyer or placing your practice confidentially on the market, ROI can help. We can value, assist in obtaining financing options, assist in due diligence and negotiation while keeping the transaction amiable and professional. You can continue to do what you do best while we handle the details. For information on transitioning or valuing and selling a Dental Practice, contact ROI Corporation.


Selling a Dental Practice in Massachusetts or Rhode Island or New Hampshire or New England?  We also represent Dental Practices in Georgia (GA). Contact ROI to sell your dental practice today.