Considering transferring your business to a Family Member, Key Employee or other Known Buyer?

M&A advisors are generally thought of when a buyer must be found – and of course, in this case, that’s not necessary.  However, ROI Corp can still provide tremendous value in the sale process. After all, this is very likely your first sale and your buyer’s first purchase.  By contrast, we’ve helped hundreds of business transition since our founding in 1997. Most of the effort in buying a business occurs between the agreement to buy and the closing date. We can provide a business valuation so that everyone involved feels the price paid is fair. We help the buyer understand the financing options available including SBA and other loans. We guide you all through the process, offer mediation help when needed and make suggestions for how to meet the non-financial needs of both buyer and seller, such as seller employment agreements and other important transition issues.  We can help you avoid pitfalls and keep the process moving, provide paperwork, legal and other professional referrals, and celebrate with you in the end.

To discuss in family or Key Employee transition, contact us at 781-682-6209, by email, or using the Request Information form to the bottom of this page.

Seller Services

ROI operates two divisions to better serve your needs…

Selling a Middle Market Company with an estimated value of one million to twenty five million dollars?

 If you’re ready to sell now, ROI has a proprietary system to encourage confidential competition among buyers which will drive up the price you get for your business.  When it comes to Middle Market business M&A, strategic buyers will often pay more. That’s why we have developed a process to uncover the suitor with the strongest synergies and therefore the ability to offer our client the best price and terms.  In fact, we’ve completed hundreds of transactions since we started in 1997.

Selling a business with a value up to a million dollars? 

 ROI markets Main Street businesses with or without real estate across most industries and professions with specializations in HVAC, dental practices, restaurants, liquor stores and many others. Because of our brokers’ expertise, we can sell your business at the highest value in the shortest period of time by marketing it through the Internet, print media, direct mail, and by directly contacting buyers who may have an interest in acquiring your business.