Long Established Masonry Supply Firm, Linden and Malden Changes Hands

Malden MA. January 2nd 2018.  As another year is comes to an end, ROI Corporation has successfully helped another client sell their company! After ninety-nine years of operating the business through multiple generations, John Rappoli had considered transferring his masonry supply company, Linden and Malden Cement Block, to his children.  John and his wife determined that the best plan was to transfer ownership outside of the family. Through the help of the Linden and Malden’s CPA, Paul Bardaro, John was informed about ROI Corporation. Without hesitation, John called ROI and began discussions with ROI’s President Gary Rayberg.  Gary and Don Buehler began working on the project and they soon were able to put Linden and Malden Cement Block on the market. While speaking with Don, he only had amazing things to say about John and his family, “John is a great guy and I’m not just saying that. It was a pleasure to represent him in this process.”   Don contacted several buyers in the market about Linden and Malden. According to Mr. Buehler many other buyers wanted Rappoli’s business but “Chris pushed to the finish line”.  Chris Looney is a civil engineer who worked for a larger company when he decided he wanted to branch out on his own. Looney contacted ROI, and Buehler guided Looney through the process of buying the business.  Looney worked with Enterprise bank to apply for SBA financing.  With the help from Enterprise’s Dwight Freeney, Looney received the funding he needed to proceed with the acquisition of Linden and Malden.

Senior management and employees are staying on with the company, so customers should notice no change to the outstanding service provided by the company. John will also be staying for some time to assure a very smooth transition.

About ROI Corporation

ROI Corporation, based in the Boston market, has been involved in the sale of businesses and real estate in over 30 states since 1997. They also assist in the transfer of business ownership between generations and to key employees and management teams. ROI serves all of New England including MA, NH, RI and CT with two divisions; a main street division serving smaller businesses as well as their middle market M&A division.  Their Marietta, Georgia office, specializing in Service Distribution & Manufacturing Companies, serves the southeast United States. For more information, please visit us on the web at www.roimergers.com or call (781) 682-6209.