Is your golden parachute going to open like you expect?


  • Are you considering exiting your business in the next 1 to 10 years?

  • Are you sure your business is set to obtain a fair market value? Or

    better yet, the highest value possible?

  • Would you like to increase the value of your business at exit

    and understand the different ownership transition options?

An owner’s decision to sell their business reaches far beyond the value of the business into the
emotional issues of passing along something you’ve spent years building, and the question of what to do next. While you’re sorting out the qualitative matters, don’t let the quantitative suffer.

In the years leading up to a potential sale, whether that be to a family member, key employee,
strategic buyer, an individual, or private equity group, there are a few key decisions that can be made
to maximize the value of the business on the day you decide to step away. What decisions should you
make? That’s where our Value Maker System can help!

The Value Maker System is available to businesses of all kinds, but is a particularly great fit for
manufacturing companies, distribution companies, service companies, and medical related practices.

The ROI Value Maker System can help ensure your golden parachute opens!


1. Company Review / Value:

First ROI Corp will review your company’s latest financial statements and company information to provide you with an accurate Opinion of Value Report. This provides a solid number on the worth of your business in the market today and gives us a baseline for benchmarking later.

2. Analysis / Value Maker Report:

Next we conduct an in-depth analysis of the risks and strengths of your company. The result of this analysis is The Value Maker Report, a multi-point report with the steps you can take to improve the value of your business now!
• Our analysis does not concentrate just on ways to increase revenue, but rather on internal issues that might be dragging the value of the company down.
• ROI Corporation also provides you with some motivation — the anticipated value of your company if you follow-through on the recommendations!

3. Company Led Changes:

Typically a business will have 5-10 levers it can pull to increase the sale price when the owner is ready. You can then contact your CPA and/or other professionals to move forward
with any of the recommendations provided in the Value Maker Report.

4. Check-In / Updated Opinion of Value:

ROI will check-in to see how you’re progressing about six months later. We will also provide you with a fresh Opinion of Value to benchmark your progress to date. You will have the option of having us continue to follow-up with you twice per year to repeat this step and to provide updates on issues related to value and ownership transition.